Expand care. Grow rights.

Sign the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Amendment of 2024!

The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Amendment of 2024 seeks to modify and expand the language of The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016 and will create positive growth for patients, the industry, and the state. Petitions are circulating now to place this amendment on the ballot.

Expanded Healthcare Provider Eligibility

More healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists, can now recommend medical cannabis, ensuring better access and personalized care.

Expanded Qualifying Conditions

Healthcare practitioners have increased discretion to determine if medical cannabis is appropriate for their patients, making it easier for those in need to receive treatment.

Patients Grow: Home Cultivation Rights

Patients and their caregivers have the right to grow their own cannabis at home, promoting both affordability and accessibility. Patients will be able to grow up to 14 plants, only half of which may be mature. 

Better Medical Cannabis Cards

Medical cannabis cards will be valid for three years, reducing renewal burdens for patients and caregivers. Visitors who have a medical card from their state may use Arkansas dispensaries without the need of a temporary card. 

Legal Protections for Healthcare Professionals:

Healthcare providers recommending cannabis are protected from penalties, promoting a supportive environment for patient care.

Updated Industry Regulations & Expanded Reporting

New guidelines for sale, transfer, and packaging of cannabis products, including seeds and plants are coupled with responsible regulations on child-resistant packaging and stringent advertising rules to ensure safety and compliance. Annual reports to the state general assembly will monitor the program’s effectiveness and maintain transparency without compromising patient privacy.